Dave Ogbeni: Nigerian women are very romantic  

Nollywood actor, Dave Ogbeni, has nothing but huge praises for Nigerian women, saying they are the most romantic in the world. Dave made this in a one-on-one session withPotpourri over the issue of Nigerian women being romantic or not.

“Nigerian women are among the most romantic women in the universe, that is, if they want to. When a Nigerian woman is genuinely in love with you, prepare yourself for a romantic jolly ride. As a student in University of Benin I have dated several hot ladies who were very romantic in all ramifications. And as an actor I have come across many African ladies at home and in diaspora. The way they handled me is in different ways. If you ask me of all the African women I have had something to do with, I can categorically affirm that Nigerian women are the most romantic,” he declared.
the actor disagreed with the notion that Nigerian men are romantic only when they are yet to taste the honey pot. According to him, women from other African countries prefer Nigerian men because they are seen as sensitive and romantic.

“All over the world, Nigerian men are considered the most romantic. If you go to South Africa their ladies prefer to date Nigerian men to South African men because they consider us very understanding and romantic. Even a Nigerian guy that wants to break up with a lady will still be romantic in the process of breaking up with the lady, whether the honey pot has been tasted or not. It is even after tasting the honey pot Nigerian men get more romantic unless the lady operates a ‘pay as you go’ policy,” he stated.

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