On Monday, i decided to service my car. Engine oil #6,000 , oil filter #3000 , labour and diagnostic cost #10,000. To cap it all i filled the gas tank up with just #12,000 . Total cost #31,000!
So as i was going back to the office on Tuesday a terrible thought began to gather in my mind. I asked myself, how much have I spent this year to service my body? We have just lost a dear friend and colleague to the cold hands of death. I was told he only complained of toothache and slight headache and then death struck! For how long will I keep thinking all is well with my health in spite of all odds? I drive through dust at times, inhale all kind of unclean air, drink some water I don’t know their sources, face computer and phone with my eyes everyday, expose to phone radiation every hour and on and on and on.

If my car could gulp over #30,000 at an instant just for fine tuning i think i deserve to diagnose and upgrade my system.
• Who is doing the tough job, you or your car?
When last did you check up your system, my friends?

• Check your eyes, ears, vital organs like heart, liver and lungs. Check your cholesterol, blood-sugar level and do urinalysis. It could make a difference.

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